Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

There is no doubt that Breaking Bad is genius. It shows how “the impossible”—like the notion that an innocent, deferential science teacher could transform into an evil, mass-murdering, money-laundering meth kingpin within a couple of years—becomes “possible.” And, even more strikingly, the dichotomy between lead character Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman is brilliant. […]

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Love/lust of 21st century

Love is not just a word,its a feeling,its an is the second meaning of dedication and sacrifice.

Let me tell you a short short story,once i went to the shoo and there a man was standing,wearing white shalwar kameez and white cap on his head.he was telling that love has two types,he said two words in urdu.”muhabbat” and “ishq“,in muhabbat we take care of our partner and think about him as well as of our self…but in ishq we don’t even know about our selves,we just think about our partner,we only think about the welfare of our partner….

And now in 21st century i cannot see ishq anywhere,its only muhabbat in rare cases,but mostly its lust….everyone says that the nature and the charecter of women is necessary for someone to be my partner,but nobody marries a black women….why?

Because they are showing that they can love someone but its not love….its lust….

Breakfast at my House

During the week we’re often walking out the door with a coffee in one hand and slice of toast in the other, but on weekends breakfast is never rushed. It’s a late affair, sometimes spilling over to lunch, with lots of reading and chatter in between courses of fruits, poached eggs, honey and toast. One of our favorite things we like to serve when friends are visiting are buckwheat blueberry pancakes.

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